The Lost Legend of the Bunt

Every year bunting becomes less and less common. Today, bunting on some American League teams has become more of an oddity than a play. Even NL teams now prefer swinging for the fences rather than advancing the runners into scoring position. This old-fashioned, small ball style of baseball is what the Rays integrate into every game to compete in the powerhouse AL East Division. It seems to be working pretty well, as Maddon’s ball club has been serious competitor in the pennant race since ’08. For many low-payroll teams like the Rays, perfecting the art of the bunt is vital for manufacturing runs. In my opinion, bunting is the cure for any teams with offensive struggles. The game has changed and advancing runners on a sacrifice is becoming harder and harder for MLB teams. Players come up from the minors now and don’t even know how to bunt correctly. It’s a pretty simple thing to master but these days it seems very difficult for skippers to use it effectively. It might be up to coaches like Joe Maddon to save this long lost art.



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