Another post from an ESPN blog about the state of the Rays…….

This is a must read for Rays fans. Howard Bryant (ESPN writer) believes that the two most troubled MLB franchises (Rays and A’s) are having problems because of MLB greed earlier in their franchise histories. He explains some of these “short-sighted” decisions and talks about the Giants being blocked to move to St.Pete in ’97. Leave your comments below and say if you think this guy knows what he’s talking about or not. Click the link below to read all about it:                                                   And an added note; the man who wrote the post yesterday saying the Rays need to move is joining the Steve Duemig show at 5:30 on 620 WDAE!! Can’t wait to see what he has to say now. Hope the Big Dog gives him hell!! Listen to the show on this link:              




  1. Yury

    pethsam ralaGahana gahana pateshma wedak nethuwa yanakota thawath Peththsam walata athsan ekathu karannai, mada campaign launch karala ewa handle karannai giyahama Owa karanna welawa kohenda ? :O

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