No batting gloves paying off for Longo…..

The Rays sweep the series in Houston and capped it off with a wild bomb fest today. Since Friday, Evan Longoria decided that ditching the batting gloves would solve his hitting struggles. Suprisingly, this has done beyond anything he imagined. Longo went 8-14 with 3 home runs and 10 RBI’s.!! Coincidence? I think not. I don’t believe that not using the batting gloves is actually affecting his hitting, I think it’s the mental aspect of it that’s actually giving him the boost. Since Evan is confident that this new technique will get him out of his slump, he is more confident and relaxed at the plate. Longo was not the only struggling Ray to start to get hot this weekend. Upton also went on tear, although he didn’t need to change anything. B.J. feasted of the Houston pitching staff, going 5-12 and belting a big HR in each game of the 3-game set. If these 2 guys stay hot, the Rays might be the new Beast of the East before you know it. Hitting is the only thing that has been holding the Rays back from reaching the division summit. Comment and say what you think about Longoria’s new strategy and why or why not you’re considered with Jeff Niemann. Click below for a wrap-up of the game:



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