65th annual Old-Timers Day

Yesterday was my first day in the new, gorgeous Yankee Stadium. We probably picked the best day to go to a Yankee game because it was the 65th Old-Timers Day. Yogi, Goose, Tino Martinez, Bernie, Lou Pinella, Joe Torre, Whitey Ford, and many more were all in attendance. Here’s a pic of them lining up:

After about 2 hours of introduction and a huge salute to Gene Monahan, the game everybody was waiting for was underway. The Old-Timers were split into 2 teams; Bombers and Clippers. The only runs of the day were on a 2 run tater by former Ray, Tino Martinez down the right field porch.

Then the game started and you know who I was rooting for. Yes the Rockies! It was looking good in 5th inning when Ty Wiggington (former Ray!) and the Rox were up 3-0 and Nicasio was perfect through 5. But unsurprisingly, NY started raining HR’s. 1st Swish right by our seats, then Posada into the bullpen, and then Teixeira capped off the derby with a HR to take a 6-4 lead. Too bad the Yanks and Bosux had to win on Sunday. But at least Longo and the Rays won to keep the division the same. TB can gain a half game on both teams tonight. Here’s a pic of me outside the stadium in my Rays gear:

I also kept score the whole game and this is the final scorecard:



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