Well the Rays lost a close one today and the Reds made sure “Complete-game James” wouldn’t get his 4th CG in a row today. The game probably would be tied in the 9th 3-3 if Maddon took out the laboring Shields. I made up a word for the act of a manager not taking out the pitcher in time. That word is “neverlearnitis”. Managers in this league could manage for their lifetime and still would never learn to take out the pitcher when he is obviously tired. It seems that a MLB manager is smart enough to realize that when his pitcher is cruising through 6 innings and then in the 7th when he walks 3 batters in a row, it’s time to go. This is directing towards managers in general, and NOT towards Joe Maddon (who I think is a great coach). Maddon actually is pretty good at taking out the pitcher compared to some of the managers I’ve seen over the years. Some notable victims of the “Neverlearnitis” disease, are Terry Francona, Joe Gardenhire, Brad Mills, and much more. Neverlearnitis would of cost the Rays 2 games in a row if it wasn’t for Longo’s heroics. Hopefully this won’t hurt us again this year. I’m pretty confident it won’t. The Rays are off tomorrow and then are facing the struggling Cardinals for the weekend.


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