Stem cells infusions in baseball

In the beginning of the season Yankee’s pitcher Bartolo Colon had a stem cell infusion. Stem cells are cells that can repair most damage tissue in the body. Since this stem cell infusion, Colon has been putting up the best numbers on the Yankee pitching staff. The last 5 years Colon’s health has just been getting worse and his arm has just been aging. Now he is having a 2005 like year. This brings up a couple good questions. First, is this a performance enhancing drug? MLB says it’s not, but that’s controversial. Stem cell infusion is ultimately a legal, less dangerous alternative for steroids/HGH. Steroids are usually used by players to mend injuries quicker. The stem cell infusion has done exactly this for Colon. Another question that comes to mind is if there’s any other players using this stuff. Pretty likely it seems. MLB is already investigating to see if Colon was given any PEDs. I think they might soon investigate if this to see if this will be legal in baseball or not. This is an interesting story to follow and I probably will look more into it. My opinions on this are closed so far, but I was very fascinated when I found out about this.




  1. alan feins

    this is a very interesting story that might change not only baseball but the health and vitality of many people.

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