All Star Game voting ends tonight!!!!

Hey Rays Republic, voting ends tonight and the Rays need your votes bad! Unless the Rays get a boatload of votes tonight, there’s not gonna be any Rays players (besides pitchers of course) in Arizona this July. Come Rays fans!!! Go to to vote.




  1. alan feins

    at least Matt Joyce made it which nobody would have thought would happen at the beginning of the season,That was a pleasant surprise.

    • Deni

      Good. The last thing we would need is for something like that to hppaen again this post season. They should probably extend the new rule into the regular season why their at it.I saw that play live and I was livid. It would have really sucked if that damn play came to bite us in the ass at the end of the season.Thank God it didn’t.

  2. Bianca

    In relative order:1. Fulton County2. Old Busch3. Wrigley4. Riverfront5. Old Comiskey6. Turner7. coutny stadium Milwaukee8. New Comiskey9. Metrodome10. Jack Murphy11. Camden Yards12. PNC13. Yankee Stadium14. Skydome15. Old Tiger Stadium16. Miller Park17. Petco18. New Busch19. Nationals StadiumAgree with Buddy they were all great in their own way (except Riverfront).

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