Coors Field 6/29/11

Went to the Rockies game yesterday vs the White Sox. I was there at 5 for batting practice and had a line drive of the bat of Rios go right to me. I would of caught it if it wasn’t for a guy stick his glove in front of me and somehow miss it. Adam Dunn hit one right over the sign.

We still did get some balls from former Ray Edwin Jackson. We also got his signature and fortunately I was able to get Omar Vizquel’s autograph.

Here’s Edwin Jackson’s autograph:


So the pitching matchups for the night were Jimenez vs Buehrle. It was 2-0 Sox early until the Rox came back with a couple HRs and it was tied 2-2 in the 7th. In the bottom of the 8th, Colorado had the bases juiced with only 1 out. They grounded into a DP and wouldn’t score. In the 9th, the closer for the Rockies Houston Street was in. Quickly it was 1st and 3rd with nobody out. Somebody hit a shallow fly ball to right and the fielder threw a rocket to the catcher. The Sox runner would of been out by a mile if the throw hadn’t short-hopped the catcher. The Sox would score just one and it would be enough to win the game. Here’s the final scorecard:

To see more pics of this game and other games I went to, go to my ESPN Passport. My username is rockthetrop123


One comment

  1. Zinta

    Haha funny how you didn’t mention the Phillies love. Anyways I simlpy commented on you disliking Weaver and making a normal comment to your own, but then the bitch inside took over Your team is relying on Verlander and probably 1 or 2 other players. Yakees, hate them but prefer over Tigers, have a lot of good players and we know know that . So I wouldn’t be talking if I was you sweetheart .

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