Frustrating day for Rays baseball…….

Rays lost 3-2 and left 7 in scoring position. But that wasn’t really the whole story today. The twinkies needed a little help from the Rays 2011 foe Gary Darling, and a little luck on top of that. Mediocre hitting has been a bit of an old story for the Rays this year, but bad umpiring has been much more recent. The game ended on what should of been an infield hit that was called. Darling was not the only ump that hurt the Rays today, the home plate ump at the Jays- BoSox game also stunk. Papelbum was pitching for the save in a 3-2 game with two men on and John McDonald up. McDonald hit a single to left and Encarnacion rounded third to score and was called out at the plate. Varitek did a nice job to block the plate but but Encarnacion clearly kicked his leg across the bag to beat the tag. He was called out of course, what a suprise!! I’m really starting to think that the umps are bias now. I watched the end of that game at Fenway and there were more than just that call that saved Boston. With all this though, the Rays are not going to win to many runs scoring just 2 and leaving 8 on base. Today also was a great example how the Rays defense has to be pretty much perfect to win in these tight games. It seems like we lose the few games where we commit an error that costs a run. Rays need to play some better baseball to stay in this tight pennant race. I’ll try to get a picture of the bad calls on this post later, so stay updated.


One comment

  1. alan feins

    What was so bad was that the ump had a very clear view of his shoe touching the plate,maybe he was just afraid of the boston fans starting a riot after all those beers or was it Papplebum.

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