Reassessing the first half of the Rays season

Here we are at the All-Star Break, and the Rays find them selves 6 games out and 5 games out of the Wild Card. Obviously where no teams wants to be, especially in the toughest division in baseball. Considering all the circumstances, it’s been a pretty successful year overall for the Rays. Everyone counted out the team before even April, but once again they proved everyone wrong. Surprising the nation is what the Rays do best. Along with their pitching and defense which has again been superb this year.

20110710-054206.jpg If anything has held them down it has been on the offensive side. In the first 90 games of 2011 we have seen many games lost because of poor hitting in scoring position. Strikeouts are increasing while averages are dipping. Joe Maddon has been a big factor of the Rays being able to score enough runs to win. Longoria quite frankly has not had a good first half this year and that’s another reason why the Rays skipper deserves more credit. I think if David Price and Longoria get hot in the second half, the Rays will for sure be right there in the end. Hitting is really the main thing the Rays need to improve in the second half. I still think the Rays are right in the thick of it. The next 7 games versus Boston and New York are critical.
The Rays definitely deserve to be where they are. They put full effort into every game and are a group that never gives up. Even if they don’t make the postseason this year it won’t be much a failure at all considering they have a 40 million dollar payroll that they use to compete with Boston and New York’s mega money. Hopefully the second half will bring more surprises and excitement like the first.


One comment

  1. alan feins

    It would have been nice if Manny could have stayed away from the steroids and the rays had him for there dh,that might have increased there power and timely hitting.I guess Manny had to be Manny or a cheater it just part of his character I suppose.

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