For those who hate the Boston Red Sox more than anything in the world, comment on this post. Please tell me it’s not only me that cannot stand Boston’s obnoxious fans and bandwagon followers (“Red Sox Nation”). Sox haters of Rays Republic show your support!!!




  1. Paul Ekezie

    The Rays lost to the Red Sox #5 and the Yanks cant win a game without Arod or CC. The Mets are above 500 with the Buffalo Bisons, no Beltran, Reyes, Wright, Davis, and Santana, and Bay and Pagan missed time in the first month. When you guys can win without your ace, 3B, SS,RF, and 1B then come at me. The Yanks cant win without their 3B and the Rays cant win without their 3B its ridiculous how a 2nd and 3rd place team have to suck up on Boston. CC is 0-3 against Boston and SHields hasn’t won this month. LETS GO METS.

  2. mlblogsyossif

    Paul, a little above 500 won’t cut it when it comes to making the playoffs. The Rays have a better record in a tougher division. They’re more in the playoff race than the Mets at the moment. I give credit to the Mets for their resilience, but the Rays roster too is made up of mostly young guys (many from the Durham Bulls). Shields is also better than any Mets pitcher by far this year by the way. The Rays also can make plenty of excuses. Their 40 million dollar payroll is like a tiny speck compared to Boston and NY’s mega bucks…..

  3. jonathan dublin

    boston is going to get injured and suck rays don’t have good enough hitting 2 win the east

  4. mlblogsyossif

    Jonathan, you have point. The Rays definitely need to hit better to win the east and even make the playoffs. The Red Sox hopefully will get injured, but even with their injuries they still are deep enough to be at the top. It’s unfortunate how good they are. An injury to A-Gon or pedroia would probably hurt them more though

  5. benny feins

    red sux fans suck they allways get drunk they take over every small statium like jersy things and they jump on the field at every game

    • Tohir

      Wind, every time I visit your blog and look at your photographs I think that I will never ever will be able to shoot pohots like that. i am new to photography, just learning. And at this point I can only admire what you are doing. This is an art, real art.I also liked a poem. “To feel just like a leaf, like a leaf in the breeze” – i like it very much. Beautiful pohots, beautiful poetry!!!!!

    • Jose

      I was happy to hear our fans gave him a standing ovaiotn for the first game. I was at the second game as well. I stood up and cheered for him. It was good to see him back in the Trop again. If he’s going to be the enemy at least he’s not wearing a Phillie or Yankee uniform. Ugh P.S. I was definitely not rooting for Boston. Just trying to help out someone who helped make the Rays who they are today.

    • Jishnu

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  6. randy

    first i’m from jersy and next red sox fans awesome and allways sold out rays get 2 fans per game they have no fans and there player is hitting like 230

  7. benny feins

    MRS. redneck randy the rays best hitter his 330 and the red sox dont have a good player thats not on steroids

  8. mlblogsyossif

    Benny, well Benny you do have a good point. Everybody thinks that the Rays best player this year is hitting 230 (Longoria). But Kotchman is actually having a better season and is hitting 330. Also, I think you have a good point with the steroids. Most of the good hitters on the sox did probably use roids. But not all though, that’s a little ignorant. Pedroia and a few others probably didn’t.

  9. Rick

    I’m sick and tired of seeing Sox fans fill stadiums that the home team fans woulnt fill.. I mean, who do these people think they are spending there money, helping these teams pay for their players?
    then they have the nerve to sell out Fenway night after night. And whats with so many Red Sox players getting the Rays club off the ground? And that museum dedicated to the greatest hitter of all time in the Trop? Uhg.. red sox.. next they will want bull pens instead of a fish tank in the Trop.

  10. mlblogsyossif

    the Rays’ front office got the Rays franchise off the ground. Great executive work by Andrew Friedman, Stuart Sternberg, and Matthew Silverman. Also great management by Joe Maddon. None of these people played for the Red Sox. And Ted Williams is not the best hitter who ever lived or the best player. Babe Ruth is better, count the rings.

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