My ideas on MLB realignment….

The last few years the MLB talk was about instant replay, now the subject is realigning the divisions. For a start, the NL has 2 more teams than the AL. The only logical solution is to move a team from the congested NL Central to the AL West. To me it’s pretty simple; move the Milwaukee Brewers back to the AL . It doesn’t really have a huge effect on anyone if you think about it. This is the only necessary move for the MLB to make in the future.


Being a Rays fan, I’d obviously love to see the Rays in a different division. They would have a way better chance of making the playoffs and would avoid constantly facing Boston and New York. But of course there’s always another side to it. Moving the Rays away from the same division as Boston and NY would mean less visits from them at the Trop during the season. That means less business. The way the Rays stand financially right now, every penny is important. The Bombers and Sox bring in a large part of the Rays income. At the end of the day, splitting up the 3 front runners in the AL East is unlikely in the next few years. I also think that the divisions changing to NFL-like divisions is improbable .




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