New Ray of light


     The Rays top prospect Desmond Jennings is living up to the moment. His patience at triple-A Durham paid off, and now his turn has come. In his first MLB appearance of 2011, Jennings went 2 for 3 with two extra-base hits and an RBI. He also showed off his incredible speed scoring on a ground-ball base hit from first. This is something that the Rays and their fans are very excited about. Every team wishes to have a young player that can hit for average, field all outfield positions well, run like the wind, and run the bases intelligently. Is Jennings the new and improved B.J. Upton? I have a feeling the Rays front office thinks so, as Upton trade rumors have been heating up lately. If Jennings can be at least as good as B.J. in the future, that could be great news for the Rays. That means that the Rays could trade Upton for a good bat or an arm, and easily replace him with Jennings. That would be ideal. The Rays confidence in Desmond Jennings is why I think there’s a good chance Upton could be traded away at the deadline in a week. These next 7 days should be an interesting week for the Rays.


Check out what the ESPN SweetSpot blog says about Jennings:



  1. patrick o'grady

    I think it would be hard to replace bj’s defense at center field because of his arm and his ability to run down deep fly balls but he is not a very good base runner and does not hustle out of the box when he hits the ball.He is also very inconsistent at hitting so it could work out very well if jennings can play center field well.

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  4. Bernard

    I hadn’t seen the video of the race itself, just the invriteew. I don’t see anything wrong with saying that she is cute as a button; she is a cute girl, after all. Had she been plain and grouchy she would have still deserved the honors she got; people just wouldn’t have bothered pointing out how cute she is.How many times have you been out in public and some random stranger exclaims over how cute your baby is (or a friend’s baby or some random person near you’s baby or a dog or anything else.) People like to point out the obvious.

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