Rays becoming “sellers”….


   A few weeks ago it looked to me as the Rays were going to be “buyers” at the Trade Deadline. But the Rays have played poor baseball since then and have quickly fallen out of the race. B.J. Upton and James Shields have already heard their share of trade rumors. Does being sellers bring in some more names? Johnny Damon maybe, Casey Kotchman maybe. There’s also been rumor that the Rays might trade away some youth like Reid Bringiac to pick up some veteran bats.

At the end of the day, the only player that I really think will be traded away at the deadline is Upton.

The Rays will probably reel in a bat and/or a relief pitcher. They might get rid of a couple others but I believe Friedman’s going to hang on to the youth. The Rays know that the future is bright with them.



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