“Madd Scientist”: Joe Maddon’s Experiment

     Joe Maddon is once again experimenting with his young players this year, just has he’s done every year in the past. He seems to know what he’s doing, because it has always led to good things in the future. Maddon is the kind of person who always thinks ahead. He makes sure he knows every player and their qualities before next year’s spring training even begins. So far this year, the experiment hasn’t helped the team win more games. The young relief pitchers from Durham have struggled in the past month. This is giving me the feeling that Maddon is focused more on the 2012 season than now. A strategy that not many can argue with, considering how hot the Yanks and Sox are. 

    Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Joe has given up on the 2011 Rays by any means. Neither has the team. The hard work of the new rookies really shows how bright the Rays future is. Desmond Jennings, Robinson Chirinos, Brandon Gomes, are examples of players have shown that they are MLB quality. The exciting part is that phenom prospect Matt Moore hasn’t even been called up yet. 

Farm grown players like these are the trademark of the Tampa Bay Rays franchise. The Yanks have their ‘Core 4’ and the Cardinals have Albert Pujols, and etc. The Rays are always going to have a young team like this; it is the key to success for a small market team. New faces every year is what makes the Rays so fun to watch, and also what makes them good. 



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