New Power Rankings posted today!

Week 8 Power Rankings are posted under ‘Pages’ to your right side of the screen. Sorry to those who were expecting last week’s rankings, I got caught up with a lot of stuff and I apologize. Also, I’m making a new change to the Power Rankings. From now on the top 15 teams will be listed, rather than all 30. Check it out! ————————–>



  1. Tullio

    See though man, I miesepllsd a name, not a word that I’ve been using since I was five.It’s called a typo, dude. Get over it.What is really insane is that you are so hard-headed to think that if someone doesn’t get in one year that he shouldn’t be in at all.You skirted the question. I ask you how is it possible at all that someone is not qualified to be a hall of famer one year, and is the next? Did their stats suddenly become better? Did they go back and hit a few more home runs? Pitch a few more strikeouts? Of course not! It’s an arbitrary cutoff we’ve designed RECENTLY, that if we want to send a message, we don’t elect someone in the first year to pay them pay. And it’s dishonorable and unsportsmanlike. Either someone is worthy of the HOF or not.I don’t really believe that if someone isn’t elected year one, they should fall off the ballot. But I believe it SHOULD be able to work that way, because we ought not subject to someone to being benched a year because some pimple-faced sportswriter thinks he doesn’t deserve a first ballot election.Think about it. This year would have been McGwire, Ripkin Jr., Gwynn, and that is just first-ballot guys.I don’t get the problem. Seriously, whatt’s the problem?? All four seem qualified to me.Listen all I’m saying is that it’s a tradition that is not, and should not be left to the fans.Ok, you changed your argument mid-spin. So I just want to understand your argument: we should NOT elect people to hall of fame first year because it’s tradition to screw them like that? Ahh . ok, that sounds great.Leave it to the pro’s to figure out who should be in Cooperstown for the rest of forever.See and here I was thinking the game was about the fans. What a fool I am! On second thought, if it’s really about the pros and not the fans, then what am I, a simple fan, doing going to Cooperstown, or even caring about this game?Sorry Brian, but your arguments don’t pass muster with me. Baseball is a game *for the fans* and shit like this doesn’t fly with me.

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