Patience Pays for the Rays

The Rays home grown stars. Some names include Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford, Jeremy Hellickson, James Shields, and many more.


What’s the Rays secret for their success with bringing up prospects that are quality MLB players? Many ask this question. The answer is patience. Nobody is rushed through the Rays farm system, every player is 100% percent ready to take their first steps in the big leagues. This is another example of the Rays organization’s ability to always look ahead. The Rays know the possible consequences of calling up a minor league player to early. Keeping a top prospect in the minors for a while will make him develop and prepare better for a big league career. To me it’s just common sense; would you rather have a player develop in the minors or during a pennant race in a MLB season. Jeremy Hellickson and Desmond Jennings are great examples of how being patient payed off for the Rays. When asked about the subject Hellickson said, ” It definitely helps, the longer you’re down there, the more opportunities you’re going to have to develop and work on stuff.” Jennings is also is thankful that the Rays took their time to call him up. Last year at the end of the season they called him up just for a few games. It was obvious he needed a little more time to develop. The Rays were very aware of that, and almost a year later Jennings is playing like an All-Star.


The next Ray prospect to probably be called up, is fireball southpaw Matt Moore. Expect to see him work on his stuff in the minors for a while. Patience is just another example of “Doing it the Rays’ Way”.




  1. Mielacwesetia

    Not sure I see your Logic Mike. James has Niemann at 4.17 and ZIPS also has Nieman projected to have a betetr ERA by about .2 runs. Niemann had a similar record in the minors and a betetr record in the Majors. I would like to see them trade whoever brings a betetr return.

    • Benedict

      Man i’ve heard all Hank 3 s music and covers he did, I seen him a bunch of times, even when he first straetd touring, he had like 5 fans and he would come outside and chill out with us in Fort Lauderdale!!!

      • Vanessa

        In terms of attendance and seoasn ticket sales, 2011 started off lots like 2008. In both cases, the team got off to a lousy start and in both cases the Rays were not expected to be a serious contender. I\’ve said long and often in this space that the toughest job in Tampa Bay is selling Rays seoasn tickets when your owner keeps cutting you off at the knees just when you think you\’ve turned the corner. Now the Rays were coming off of 3 winning seoasns and 2 divisions, so 2011 should have a little edge over 2008, but not much because all the off-seoasn news was terrible. Plus, the x-factor is that you\’ve had 1 of 9 Yankees games and few (if any) Bosox games. If they stay in it, they\’ll draw about what they had last year, even though they sold fewer seoasn tickets and management keeps telling people what a lousy location it is in (a self-fullfilling prophecy).

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