Rays rooting for the Yanks?


The Rays and Yankees have been fighting it out for the past three years looking for a spot in October. Now this rivalry has something in between it; the Boston Red Sox. Boston stands in second-place 2.5 games behind the Yankees, with 20 games to go. The Rays are just looking for a Wild Card spot in this AL East frenzy. The reason why the Rays should want New York to win all of their games (except against them), is because the Yankees come to town in the final series of the regular season. If the Yankees have already clinched the division by then, that would mean that the series would be pointless for them. If that’s the case, the Yankees will not play many of their everyday starters and give their friends from Triple-A Scranton some playing time. 20110909-091512.jpg
If the Rays will have any chance of making the playoffs near the end of the season, those last three games are going to be crucial. So the more games the Yankees win, the better for the Rays. Even if the Yanks will win all their games and lose all their games to the Rays, the Rays would still need to play great baseball. They play the Sox 7 more times and they’re only 6.5 behind, so they definitely have their chance to gain ground. Winning at least 6 out of those 7 games would be ideal, and the mission starts tonight. Rays need a sweep with Dome field advantage! The Rays still have a shot, never count them out!




  1. af

    The odds are not good for the Rays but it would be awesome if they could somehow pull it off.I will keep believing go rays!!!

    • Issam

      This really is an inscjtiue and the Yankees should be ashamed of themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to all the fans of ScottProctorsArm. It made me laugh out loud – kind of reminded me of when I read Ball Four years ago. Anyone who reads the book will have no doubt of Jane Heller’s love of the Yankees and her husband!

  2. This is a very simple game...

    I think that, much like politics, playoff runs make for strange bedfellows. Of course it makes sense for Rays fans to be rooting for the rival Yankees right now. Hey, I remember convicing the late night crowd at a total Angels bar to root for Yankees, loudly, in an extra innings game against Texas last season for much the same reason…and I wish I thought to video tape because that was funny!
    — Kristen

  3. mlblogsyossif

    Ya its something that happens every year in baseball. Unfortunately for the Rays, the Angels stellar pitching is getting in the way of the Yankees winning. The Angels just keep on hanging in there, just like the Rays. Both teams have been impressive

  4. mlbnyy35

    I’d love to see the preseason champion Boston Red Sox fail to even make the playoffs, so I’m even cheering for the Rays. Sweep today!

  5. Hanchuan

    If anyone could it would be him! We develerid his cookie dough to his uncles this morning, he tried to sell them some more, even though the fundraiser is over He is his grandfather all over again, which is more than a little bit disturbing Mom is coming down tomorrow to keep Major for a few days. He was supposed to get tubes in his ears yesterday but it’s been put off till next Friday. Granny will get some baby time in, and stay overnights here to see the big grandkidlets. So today I am cleaning up and changing bed linens.

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