Rays have new company from the Wild West


The American League Wild Card race is usually a battle of the East division, but a team from out West has now joined the picture. The Angels from Anaheim just yesterday tied the Rays in the Wild Card, with 2.5 game gap behind Boston. Like the Rays, the Angels have made a late run to give themselves a chance to make the postseason. The Halos did not look like a playoff team for most of the season, but are playing a lot more like it in the past two months. All season long the Angels weren’t in the national spotlight, mainly because the AL West team to watch was the AL-champion Rangers. Texas has already clinched the division for the second straight year and the Angels are trying are trying to join them in October by doing the impossible. It’s really amazing how both the Rays and the Angels have a shot at the playoffs with just a week to play. Both teams have gained a remarkable amount of ground on Boston in the last three weeks and have stunned baseball fans across the nation. Although the Rays may of had the tougher schedule with the AL East, the Angels schedule wasn’t so easy either with multiple matchups against the Rangers. The Angels pitching is the reason they stand where they are today. Besides ace and CY Young candidate Jered Weaver, 3-time All-Star Dan Haren and rookie closer Jordan Walden have pitched great for the Halos all season.                                     20110922-064813.jpg
If it wasn’t for these three guys, the Angels would be far below .500 right now. Speaking of rookies, Mark Trumbo and Mike Trout have supplied most of the offense in addition to veteran Torii Hunter. The question for discussion here, is who has the better shot to make the playoffs? It’s a really tough answer when you go by the schedules. Both teams have a strikingly similar schedule for the final 7 games. The Rays and Angels each play a mediocre team over the weekend and then finish off the season against their respective division champions. At the end of the day, the team that is most concerned about the new company is the Red Sox. The reeling Boston team has already been playing in fear of Tampa for weeks, and now they have another surging team on their tail. Although my first wish is that the Rays make the playoffs, I would love to see Los Angeles in the playoffs instead of the Red Sox. Even though it would be upsetting knowing that the Rays should be there, anything’s better than having Boston beat out the Rays to the playoffs. I think having another team makes the race more exciting. 20110922-064819.jpg
The Rays are really only preventing themselves from a better chance, having dropped two winnable games in a row. Rays Republic is now cheering for the Yankees to unleash their wrath against Boston this weekend; they’re going to need all the help they can get.

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  1. Garrick Leedy

    Looks like you need a little fact checking. First of all, Mike Trout has not provided most of the offense this season. He was in AA most of the season and has only played a handful of games with the halos. Secondly, the Rangers have not clinched the AL West yet. They started today 5 games up on the Angels (but Texas lost this morning and the Angels have yet to play, so it could be only a 4 game lead by tonight.) The Agnels and Rangers will play the final three games of the season against each other in Anaheim, so if the Angels can win tonight and then gain two more games over the weekend, they can win the divison with a sweep of the Rangers. This isn’t likely of course, but it’s very possible. The halos might actually be better off having the Rangers clinch this weekend so that they rest their starters against the Angels next week, giving them a better chance to catch the Red Sox for the Wild Card. Also, every win the Yankees get from here out only helps the Angels.

  2. Lydia

    Of course you don’t think it’s cheap. Who would do that to Avila? He’d kick the ass of anoyne on the Angels. And if he had trouble, big old Miguel Cabrera would have come over and laid it down. That little pipe cleaner’s gonna get his ass kicked one of these days, best believe. If anoyne on your team hurt JV, they’d be leaving in an ambulance. Enjoy watching our team in the playoffs, yours won’t be there.

  3. Priscila

    first off mother narute is powerful but no one can predict when shes on her period alot will change but then but nothing will end ive heard alot of stories like the after zombie apocalypse people just need ti get real and stop being so nievie

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