CC causing stir around Rays Republic


Carl Crawford was the face of the franchise for the Rays for nine long years. He was a fan favorite in Tampa Bay, with his ridiculous speed, acrobatic catches, and clutch hits. The inevitable transfer came during the offseason this year, when Crawford was signed by Boston for a mammoth $ 142 million contract through 7 years. Crawford did a lot to prove that a 30-year old ballplayer could be signed for a gigantic contract like that, by having a tremendous 2010 season. Things were looking up for CC until the season actually started. Crawford started horrendous in the first two months, and still has disappointed Red Sox Nation hitting .259 in late September with a very low stolen base total. Crawford was aware of the poor season more than anyone, and recently started an ‘apologetic diary’ to Red Sox Nation. Something tells me that the $142 million contract had a little bit to do with his idea to start a diary. 20110923-115145.jpg
The diary, which is written at, basically states ‘Sorry for the year I’ve had’. But when Carl tried to elaborate, things didn’t exactly go as planned. From a reader’s standpoint, it seemed as if he was attacking Rays fans while praising Boston fans. Some controversial quotes included: If Tampa makes a miracle comeback and takes the wild card from us, I will be devastated. I definitely wouldn’t want to lose to those guys and watch them get into the playoffs while we go home. That would just be devastating to me.” Really? It’s devastating when the team that made you who you are succeeds, but when the Angels or Yankees beat you it’s fine? That wasn’t all though. Crawford also called out Rays fans: It was a bunch of haters in left field, pretty much.” But Crawford also had some words for the Red Sox fans who apparently never do any ‘heckling’: You guys have been really supportive and I appreciate that.” Tell me this guy isn’t the MVP suck-up of the year. Just the fact that Crawford decided to make an ‘apologetic diary’ makes him suck-up. When Crawford said “I just want to say I’m sorry for the year I’ve had”, I don’t think that’s ‘just’ what he had to say. 20110923-115151.jpg
The truth is that the only way he is going to win over Red Sox Nation is by playing better. Sucking-up just doesn’t work in Boston. Unfortunately, it looks as CC has tarnished his reputation in Tampa. He may have got the filled seats and fan energy he asked for, but he won’t welcome anymore in the
“empty seats” of the Trop. It’s just sad what money does to good people.



  1. djpostl

    Wow, Crawford. Really? I know the Rays don’t pack them in the way the Red Sox do, probably averaging about half the fans, but the ones who do show up religiously are pretty incredible. The act they show up day in & day out when the majority of the area seems to not care is indicative of that.

    Way to toss dirt on both the fans AND the franchise that made you that $142 million in the first place. Class act. You damn sure belong with that world class crew of whiners (Youk & Pedroia) and cheats (Big Sloppy- ain’t it funny how ESPN didn’t pursue his steroid usage the way it did Arods?)

    • Carlo

      I have been playing this game for a few monhts now and have come up with these issues: The hitting is really really hard for someone who is not an excellent gamer. I have changed the gameplay difficulty sliders all around and they have done absolutely nothing. How realistic is someone hitting 15 foul balls in a row? I am constantly hitting fly outs behind home plate to the catcher. I have only been able to to put the ball in play 3 times while using the power swing. Every time I use it( I try a lot), I hit a foul ball. I have tried soo many different timings on the swing and the results are almost always the same. I know they are trying to be realistic, but from my experience, this is the WORST hitting for a baseball game EVER. Maybe it is me, but I have read a lot of people having the same problems. 95% of the articles I find, are of people trying to figure out how to hit on this game. I tried messing around for about 20 games with having the fielding errors and throwing errors of the cpu really high. The result in my 20 games of having it at 100%, 95%, and 90% are the same, the cpu has yet to make an error. Now that doesn’t seem right and I’ve slid it the other way and the same thing happens, no errors. What is the point of difficulty sliders if they do not work. I will say that the baserunning and field running sliders do work ok and the same with throwing strength. That is pretty much it. The only good thing on this game is the pitching. The way you pitch in this game is pretty good. For that reason this game gets 2 stars. I would give this game negative stars for the hitting and slider difficulty option. Overall, if you want a baseball game for xbox, your stuck with 2k sports. If you also have a ps3, buy the show. It is way better and alot more fun.

      • Patricia

        The cabinet, as somonee has suggested, is reminiscent of an apothecary cabinet, which is why it might sell well in Hong Kong. To me it also has a hint of Tibetan furniture. If I have time at the weekend, I’ll go and have a look, during my two day stop-over on my way to Kanazawa.

  2. Rays Renegade

    The blog/diary entry reads more like a book that should start “Once Upon a Time…..”.
    You can tell immediately if you have ever talked to CC that it is not his vernacular or phrases “as told” to the ghostwriter.
    CC is not one of the most srticulate people in the world, and it is more a tool of his agent and PR firm to include an ESPN diary.
    To say it is a fabrication is to think Milli Vanilli can sing like angels. Seriously, do people really think these athletes write their blogs. Sure some Tweet their honest opinions, but do you think even the Rays Evan Longoria writes every single morsel that hit the web….really?

  3. mlbnyy35

    I agree with all of the above. It’s just puzzling how everything a baseball player says changes once his scenery changes. Sure, Russell Martin says he hates the Sox, but I’m sure he’d say he hated the Yankees if the Sox had paid him just a bit more.

  4. mlblogsyossif

    Yes your right it is a misconception and you’re very right about CC being not so great with words. But the main point I’m emphasizing in the article, are the text in read. Those are all quotes directly by CC and what makes this controversial. I really don’t like how on the site it says how the blog is written by Carl Crawford.

  5. This is a very simple game...

    What a pouty, spoiled baby Crawford has turned out to be without the positive influence of the Rays. It’s isn’t just the whining and sniping at the Rays, which is very stupid and ungrateful, but he calls out Scutero, own teammate for, for errors that are clearly all Crawford’s. Makes me glad Angels fans threw dollar bills at him when he first came LA this season.
    — Kristen

  6. klmccook

    That’s crazy talk. We sat in left field and always cheered CC. We even had a big “thank you” banner made up to hang on his last day with the Rays.
    When he came back with the RS we applauded politely. I think the RS fans who show up at the Trop sometimes are impolite to him, but I’ve never heard a bad word about him..unless he did that “heart in Boston” yap.

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