BBA Awards: The Goose Gossage Award

Here are the Goose Gossage Awards for my third voting in the BBA Awards. The Goose Gossage Award acknowledges the best relief pitchers in the league. Read my earlier post to learn more about the BBA and its awards. Here’s my top 3 AL relievers: 

1.) Jose Valverde– It has been a career year for Jose Valverde, going an incredible 49 saves in 49 opportunities in his 9th year in the big leagues. With the most saves and highest save percentage in the AL, the stats really say it all for Valverde. He’s been a big part of the Tigers postseason run and has made Detroit just about a sure victory with a 9th inning lead.     

2.) Mariano Rivera–  It’s just been another year at work for the best closer who ever played the game. Rivera also had 49 save opportunities in 2011, but blew 5 of them. Still his 44 saves are the second-best in the AL, and his 1.91 ERA is very impressive as well.

3.) David Robertson– Maybe the most underrated player in the AL this year, Robertson leads the AL in a very underrated stat. That stat is holds, which Robertson has 34 of. Besides holds, Robertson has posted a 1.08 ERA, .170 opponent batting average, and a stunning 4-0 record. Robertson’s ridiculous stats have proved that he is the best setup-man in the AL, and a necessity for the New York Yankees.

Honorable mentionsKyle Farnsworth (25 sv, 2.18 ERA) and Alfredo Aceves (10 wins).

If you are a member of the BBA and have posted your Goose Gossage Award (or any other award) votes, I’d really like to see what you think. Comment the link of your post below. I would also love to see anyone else’s opinions. You also can rate the post from 1-5 stars, evaluating my voting. If you’re a blogger interested and joining the BBA, click here



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