Whew, That’s a Relief!

After over two months of  rumors, it appears as Rays GM Andrew Friedman is staying put in Tampa Bay. Just a few days ago when the  Los Angeles Angels announced that they were hiring the former Diamondback executive Jerry Dipoto, Rays Republic was able to take one big collective sigh of relief. This signing meant that Friedman was off the radar of another large-market team. The Friedman rumors ignited in August, when the Cubs fired their GM Jim Hendry. Immediately following this, Friedman’s name was quickly well-noticed on the list of possible replacements. At the time it was a big topic amongst Rays baseball; here’s a past article about it. It wasn’t ’till about a month later, that the Cubs found their man. The name is a well-known one; Theo Epstein. After getting Chicago out of the way, the Friedman subject started to flare up again when Andrew was spotted at a Florida restaurant with Halos’ owner Arte Moreno. Right after that occurrence, it was Tweeted that Friedman was the Angels number 1 choice for GM.

Apparently there was more circumstances involved, as the Angels found someone else to fill the role. The Rays really do need Friedman for real success. He is the man that turned the franchise around and helped build a championship-caliber baseball club. To be honest, I couldn’t picture the Rays without the guy. He’s done amazing things and hopefully the Rays will witness more for many years to come.

Rays Republic, don’t forget to vote Friedman for Executive of the Year in the GIBBY Awards! Much more Rays and Rays moments were nominated for the annual awards at MLB.com. Click here to cast your votes.



  1. This is a very simple game...

    See, I told you he wasn’t going anywhere. I am sure the Angels would have loved to bring Friedman on board. _I_ would have loved the Angels to bring Friedman on board. But I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I think Friedman is happy with Rays, plain and simple, and of course the Rays are happy with him.
    — Kristen

  2. Rays Renegade

    Friedman has no true intentions of leaving Tampa Bay, unless Stu packs the bags and asks him to come with him. Friedman has monetary motivation and a small sliver of the Rays ownership pie plus the security of knowing he has a say in all different angles of front office moves that expand way beyond the realms of most MLB GM’s.

    Why would Friedman go to an environment where your “boss” is obnoxious and overbearing to his GM in regards to personnel and has gone on record he will be even tighter than Stu with the purse strings for 2012.
    Angels spent over $100 million in salary last season and were still second best in their division……Friedman’s feet are firmly in the white sands of Tampa Bay for as long as he wants to be here…just ask his friend Stu….He will tell you.

  3. mlblogsyossif

    Great point you made there about Stu and Friedman, I also have always thought as them as a team. It does seem like Friedman is here to stay and it’s great news for Rays Republic.

    • Olzhas

      Heard from somebody today that the Rays are wonrikg on a couple of deals. One is the deal for Rizzo not sure what the hang up is there, besides possibly the including of Lee. The other deal was somewhat large its a deal with the Angels. Morales, Izturis, and Conger for Davis, Barnese, and possibly Brignac not exactly sure how true it is, but it would definitely make us more formidable! That would certainly fill our holes quite nicely, and then we’d still have money for a DH! Just thought I’d share a rumor

    • Charles

      I like Price a lot and hope for a deal, but sadly it does not seem likely to me. He does need to work on the big games . When Price detniamos it’s amazing. When he chokes in playoff type games, not so amazing.

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  5. Ana

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