The Rays Hot Stove: What do you think?

Well I already said what I thought about the Rays offseason in my previous post, now I want to hear what the readers think. In this post, there’s a series of polls about different subjects on the Rays Hot Stove. 

The first poll is about the three big names that may depart out of Tampa this offseason. You probably already know who they are; Casey Kotchman, James Shields, and B.J. Upton. ‘Big Game’ James and Kotchman were both a huge part of the Rays success in 2011. Upton is a player that has very high potential in his years to come, and is again eligible for arbitration this year. 


Coming into the offseason, it was already clear that the Rays had to potential high-value trade pieces in Shields and Upton. Starter Wade Davis is the newest member to join the possible trade picture. Many teams can use a solid pitcher like Wade Davis, as quality pitching does not come easy these days. Wade’s 11-10 record and 4.45 ERA as the #5 starter, proved him to be a pretty effective pitcher in the tough AL East division. 


The bullpen was a big topic in my  recent offseason outlook article (link in the beginning of the post), and the two biggest names were Kyle Farnsworth and Joel Peralta. Although maybe not as good as 2010’s Benoit-Soriano lockdown 8th and 9th innings, Farnsworth and Peralta had a pretty good 8-9 punch themselves. Farnsworth was very important this year as the team’s closer, and Peralta as the team’s setup-man. 


For the second season in a row, B.J. Upton may be the biggest name on the Rays Hot Stove. There has already been a handful of rumors of where he might land, and his chances of playing in Tampa next year don’t seem so high at the moment.


With all these Rays trade names out there, who are the potential players the Rays could reel in these winter. The Marlins Logan Morrison, catcher Chris Ianetta, and the talented star Grady Sizemore are all names floating around in the midst of offseason rumors. There will probably be much more rumors to come, as it is only early November. 


The Rays have four free agents this offseason and their names are: Johnny Damon, Casey Kotchman, Kelly Shoppach, and Juan Cruz. All four were talked about in my previous article; Damon and Kotchman obviously being the bigger names here. 


Another big topic mentioned in my outlook post was the Rays weak areas. The three main areas to tend to this offseason is catcher, DH, and first base. All three of these positions’  2011 starters are free agents; Kotchman (1B), Damon (DH), and Shoppach (C). The Rays do not have any strong replacements for these guys at the moment, and it seems likely that these areas will be addressed by the Rays front office this winter. 



  1. strictlycubsbaseball

    I think the Rays depth of young starting pitching will allow them to trade Shields and/or Davis. I think the Rays should trade Shields to the Reds for minor leaguer Yonder Alonso. He can hit and will be a perfect fit at first base for the Rays. But that’s just my opinion.


  2. mlblogsyossif

    Ron- I agree that it definitely allows them to trade either Shields or Davis, but I don’t think both of them. Also, trading your ace pitcher for just a single minor leaguer probably won’t be adequate. Thanks for informing me about that player, I’ll be sure to check him out.

  3. elmaquino

    Grady’s an interesting case. TB could pick him up for about $9 mil, which is a huge bargain if–if–he stays healthy.

    I wonder if they would pursue him though?

      • Daniele

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  4. William J. Tasker

    Catcher is truly a need but there is nothing out there. So Shoppach has a chance (ugh) to come back. I really feel that Upton needs a change of scenery. He just doesn’t seem to get better from year to year and he should be. Wade Davis is not going to be as good as the Rays hoped. I bet they move him and keep Shields.

    • mlblogsyossif

      William Tasker- It’s very true, getting catching is crucial this offseason. With Shoppach’s option already declined it will be interesting to see what ends up with him. The chances Upton is traded is fairly high at the moment. And for Davis, it’s very possible that what you said may happen.

    • mlblogsyossif

      Steve- I really thought it was the year this year too, the way they finished the regular season so strong. I am also confident that they will figure something out this offseason, just like the past 4, and I hope you’re right about making the playoffs next year. Thanks for the comment.

      • Duba

        I was wondering when and how you were going to get in a post about the Rays, yet stick to the gulndiiee that our posts had to be about web design. Well done.I completely agree with you. I would even say that when I finally load up my web page, and the link I’ve been trying to get to work for the last 45 minutes finally acts as I want it to, the feeling of excitement that provides mimics that of a Rays player hitting a home run.

  5. mlblogsyossif

    I think that the Rays front office may be thinking the same thing when it comes to that, and that’s why I think they will put a lot of effort into keeping him in Tampa. As for Price, I am very confident he will bounce back this year and get back on track to a tremendous career.

    • mlblogsyossif

      toosoxy- The exciting thing about the offseason is that there’s almost always surprises and unpredictable moves. It’s really just a matter of time to find out the fate of these free agents and other players on the hot stove.

      • Arun

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  6. Ocpie

    The problem I had with Burrell was we see him in Philly he’s Mr. Fitness lokinog guy then he signs a $17MM deal w/ Rays and he shows up 30lbs heavier, with a double chin, earns the nickname Pat the Fat, and spends half of his first season as a Ray on the DL. I’d say part of things not working out for him in tampa bay had to do with his lack of fitness Oh yeah Burrell was also supposed to give Crawford some days off his feet while he was here, I remember Burrell in the field all of one game as a Ray.I hope Burrell accepts his assignment to Durham works things out and can give the Rays a boost in September, and maybe even come back next year on a hometown’ discount if he can prove his worthiness . But that’s probably all a pipe dream what bum

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