Hellboy wins the ROY Award!


After the many days of waiting and debating, Jeremy Hellickson has officially won the AL Rookie of the Year Award. Congratulations to Jeremy for winning this fantastic honor, and joining Evan Longoria in being the only Rays players to get this award. The Rays’ great young talent continues to be acknowledged and well-noticed throughout the baseball nation. Even with some impressive young players in the ROY running, Hellickson was clearly the most deserving to win the award. Jeremy’s had a great start to his career, which is now just a year and a half old. The 24 year-old posted terrific numbers leading AL rookie pitchers in five stats, including ERA and quality starts. He finished the season with a stellar 2.95 ERA, 189 IP, a .210 opponent average, and 13 wins. Not only did Hellickson’s terrific stats prove him to be the best AL rookie pitcher, but also probably the best #3 starter in baseball. Hellickson’s contribution to the team’s success is what I found the most amazing about his great rookie season. In the midst of the Rays great comeback, Hellboy won 5 consecutive starts against AL East opponents. His ability to perform in the clutch is what really separated him from his two main competitors in the voting; Mark Trumbo and Eric Hosmer. The Angels’ Trumbo and the Royals’ Hosmer both had excellent seasons for their respective teams. Still the BWAA were able to notice Hellickson as the deserving player for the award, as the voting results ended up as a landslide:

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Jeremy Hellickson Rays 17 5 2 102
Mark Trumbo Angels 5 11 5 63
Eric Hosmer Royals 4 4 6 38
Ivan Nova Yankees 1 5 10 30
Michael Pineda Mariners 3 2 11
Dustin Ackley Mariners 1 1 6
Desmond Jennings Rays 1 1
Jordan Walden Angels 1 1
If you recall, a few months ago The Rays Rant participated in the BBA Awards (being a part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance). The results were strikingly much different than the official, here they are again :


Jeremy Hellickson, Tampa Bay (8) 67 (My 1st place vote)
Eric Hosmer, Kansas City (9) 67 (My second place vote)
Mark Trumbo, Los Angeles of Anaheim (3) 27
Michael Pineda, Seattle (3) 23
Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay 7
Ivan Nova, New York 7 (My 3rd place vote)
Brett Lawrie, Toronto (1) 5
Dustin Ackley, Seattle 4
Zach Britton, Baltimore 3
Alexi Ogando, Texas 3
Jordan Walden, Los Angeles of Anaheim 2
Chris Sale, Chicago 1

Hopefully there will be more Rays names to hit the MLB Award spotlight in the next couple of weeks. Maddon is the front runner for the AL Manager of the Year Award, which is announced on Thursday. Besides Maddon, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any more Rays (non-team) awards. But looking ahead to next year, it’s very possible that another Ray rookie will be named the 2012 ROY. Matt Moore and Desmond Jennings are two bright rookies who have already made a splash in the 2011 season. It’s always exciting for a Rays fan to know how much great things are awaiting in the next year.



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  1. This is a very simple game...

    Congratulations to Hellboy! The rookie class was very competitive this seaosn and he is definitley on the guys I thought deserving of the recognition. And congratulations to you too, Yossi, on making the MLBlogs front page spot! Very well deserved!
    — Kristen

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