Way to go Joe! Maddon named MOY


For the second time in the last three days, a Ray has won an MLB award. Just two days after Jeremy Hellickson became the 2011 Rookie of the Year, skipper Joe Maddon was awarded as the AL Manager of the Year . The exciting (and predictable) news was announced yesterday, when 133 voting points and 26 first-place votes gave Joe his second MOY award. Just like in 2008, Maddon proved to everyone that he was very deserving of the Top Manager title. Winning this revered award this year, was simply just another highlight in his legacy as an MLB manager. There are not many baseball personnel as talented as this man. His unconventional style of baseball, his people skills, and his ability to work with young players are all things that make Joe a one of a kind. No other big league skipper represents their team a well as Maddon does. Maddon’s uniqueness and leadership abilities are what make him one of the most successful coaches in the world of sport. It’s definitely safe to say that the Rays would not be the same team without Joe Maddon leaning on the dugout railings. Maybe only Rays fans can truly realize how special Maddon is, but the BWAA committee still seemed to agree that Maddon was the obvious choice for the award. Here are the official voting results below:

Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Joe Maddon Rays 26 1 133
Jim Leyland Tigers 1 13 10 54
Ron Washington Rangers 1 7 5 31
Manny Acta Indians 3 7 16
Joe Girardi Yankees 3 5 14
Mike Scioscia Angels 1 1 4
The Connie Mack Award (which is part of the BBA Awards) results were similar to the official results. Here are the results below:
Joe Maddon, Tampa Bay (22) 113 (My 1st place vote)
Jim Leyland, Detroit 48 (My 3rd place vote)
Ron Washington, Texas (3) 37
Mike Scioscia, Los Angeles of Anaheim 13 (My 2nd place vote)
Joe Girardi, New York 9
Manny Acta, Cleveland 5
John Farrell, Toronto 1

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