Rays September Call-Ups Preview

September 1 is now just a day away, which means tomorrow all of MLB’s 30 rosters will expand from 25 players to 40 players. The Rays have already announced their first round of call-ups, which will include catcher Chris Gimenez, reliever Cesar Ramos, outfielder Rich Thompson and infielder Reid Brignac.

Chris Gimenez, who already played 24 games with the Rays earlier this season, will be used as a third backup catcher behind Jose Lobaton and Jose Molina. Expect to see Gimenez get a good amount of at-bats against left-handed pitching this month, as he’s posted an average of .375 versus lefties this year (MLB and AAA).

Cesar Ramos has been up and down between Triple-A Durham and the majors during his past two years with the Rays. Ramos will provide the bullpen with an extra arm and be used primarily against left-handed batters, which are his specialty.

Rich Thompson is another call-up that has already been with the Rays once this season. Thompson—who was acquired from Philadelphia earlier in the year—will mainly serve as a pinch runner and should give the Rays a nice boost on the base pads. He’s hitting .311/.369/.426 with Durham this year, but hasn’t proven that he can hit MLB pitching yet.

After seeing his career take a huge downward turn this year, Reid Brignac is finally returning to the big leagues. Many believed Brignac’s last demotion was the end of his MLB career because of his persistent struggles in the minors, but his chance came at the right time, as Sean Rodriguez—who was expected to be called up instead—broke his hand this week while punching his locker. Hopefully Brignac can help out the infield’s defense and the team’s running game as well.

The next round of call-ups should come after Monday, as Durham’s season comes to an end. A first baseman is one thing we can expect when the Rays make their next moves.

With Carlos Pena’s continuing struggles leading him towards less playing time, don’t be surprised to see the Rays call up either Henry Wrigley or Leslie Anderson. Wrigley and Anderson—both first basemen—have both hit well with Durham this season and have yet to earn a single game in the big leagues. With Pena at an all-time low and the rosters expanding, this is clearly their best opportunity.

Top pitching prospect Chris Archer could also be a possibility in the coming week. After a slow start to the season, Archer has pitched well as of late, and could be a nice addition to the bullpen.



  1. CJ

    Brignac is a joke shouldve been Beckham or Leslie Anderson first

    LAnderson deserved the spoke first. Maddon continues his good ole boy favoritism. Brignac should be in AA and S-Rod AAA, neither proven to be MLB talent in Tampa based past experience. Thought September was to look at new talent?
    Tampa has spent 4 million on L Anderson give him a look like Ichiro got in Seatle…man we all know what Pena brings time to cut him lose and get a Defensive 1st baseman who can hit and play the outfield who is also a lefty who gets on base without all the strikeouts (strikes out only 12% of at bats) and has just 1 error (WOW).
    Bring up Leslie Anderson MADDON AND FRIEDMANN and quite screwing around!!!!
    He leads the International League in hitting!!! 313 BA 15 HRs and 60 RBIs just 55 SO and 1 error.
    Don’t live in the past with PENA, Brignac, and S-Rod who don’t produce and bring SOs.

  2. Baseball Maven

    Bring up Beckham ?!?!? He’s too busy tokin’ on da’ ganja mon. Doz $$ millions buys lots o’ buds, bud. After 4 years in pro ball and loads of talent, he still hasn’t learned that the road to the Show is littered with talented players who didn’t have the work ethic and discipline needed to become a Pro. Still won’t hit the weightroom. Upper body is in arrested development–shoulders look like he’s 14 years old. At this point, unless he uses PEDs, his development days are over. And a third drug test positive is the last thing he needs.

    Anderson, yeah you’re probably right. He deserves more than he’s getting.

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