Prospects Who Could Make an Impact on the Rays in 2013

As the 2012 regular season winds down to another exciting finish, a handful of Rays minor leaguers look forward to breaking into The Show in 2013. Besides for Matt Moore, no prospects have really made a significant impact on the Rays thus far this season. Hopefully it won’t be the same story next season, and a few names will be able to give the Rays a boost. Here are some farmhands to keep in eye on for 2013.

Hak-Ju Lee

Despite a mediocre 2012 season thus far, Hak-Ju Lee is currently considered the Rays’ No. 1 prospect by many. The 21-year-old is expected to be the franchise’s future at shortstop, and 2013 could be the year he begins his anticipated big league journey. Lee has spent the entire season with Double-A Montgomery, and has hit .261/.336/.360 with 37 RBI and 37 stolen bases. The offensive stats are nothing to get too excited about and neither are his defensive numbers, as Lee has posted a .954 fielding percentage this year. He’s still young and has good potential, so nobody should be surprised to see him with the Rays next September.

Chris Archer

Chris Archer—who’s considered the Rays’ top upper-level pitching prospect—has already made an impact with the club in 2012. The 23-year-old right-hander put up a 3.66 ERA in 25 starts with Durham this season and a 3.86 ERA in his two first major league starts. With James Shields likely not returning next year and Jeff Niemann’s health seemingly always in question, Archer will likely have a much more significant role in the starting rotation in 2013.

Alex Colome

Alex Colome flashed his high potential as he progressed nicely through the Rays’ farm system in 2012. A recent shoulder injury has ended his season, but at this rate many still expect to see Colome as a late-season call-up next year. Colome combined for an 8-4 record and a 3.44 ERA through 17 starts (14 with Montgomery, 3 with Durham) in the minors this year.

Tim Beckham

It’s been another disappointing year for former No. 1 draft pick Tim Beckham. The 22-year-old middle infielder is still fairly young, however, and is gradually progressing in the Rays’ organization. A 50-game suspension for drug use really hurt his chances of making a big league push this season, but he there’s actually still a possibility he gets called up this month. Beckham will likely join the Rays at some point in 2013, obviously depending on how he plays with Durham. This year Beckham has posted a underachieving .256/.325/.361 line with 28 RBI and a .946 fielding percentage through 72 games.



    • mlblogsyossif

      Ya the Hot Rods were probably the Rays’ most exciting minor league affiliate this year, so it’s always good to see them staying around. With all the suspensions I wasn’t that surprised by their postseason performance though.

      Have fun in Durham and good luck to the White Caps!

      • Dastan

        I assume you’re not taknilg about the black-out weeks (here I’d put one of those smiley face things to show I’m joking but I don’t know how to do those )But I’m not sure you can make a head to head comparison to assess level of fan support because the schedules are so different. Do you compare the number of people who watch a single Bucs game to the number of people who watch a single Rays game? Or do you aggregate the total number of people who watch a week’s worth of Rays’ games and compare to a week’s worth of Buc’s games? You’ve got the same problem with attendance figures do you say the Bucs have more fans because they sell out a higher percentage of games, or that the Rays have more fans because over the course of the season they sell many more tickets?I assume that the company that produced these figures grappled with some of those issues, whereas all you’ve got is the assumption that they must be wrong.

  1. Baseball Maven

    Hak-Ju Lee is a good prospect for many reasons: increase Korea’s participation in baseball, disciplined, good build. He appears to be coachable and is progressing on and off the field; unlike Beckham who will end up in the headlines in an unflattering way. Need to make room in Durham for Lee by trading Beckham before he tests positive for the 3rd time and becomes permanently damaged goods.

    Right now, however, pitching is the greatest need (as always this time of year).

    • mlblogsyossif

      I agree with you about Hak-Ju Lee (except for the well-built part) and next year will probably be the year he’ll make his first significant contributions.

      As for Tim Beckham, well, it’s pretty clear that you just flat out hate this guy hahaha.

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