Rays’ 5 Biggest Disappointments Down the Stretch

It’s been an extremely disappointing week for the Tampa Bay Rays. After losing seven of their last eight in the midst of the AL playoff race, they now find themselves with their backs firmly against the wall and at the verge of elimination.

So, as the 2012 season continues to near a upsetting end, who’s to blame for this late season collapse?

The Rays’ September failures have been a team effort, but their are five players who have just been flat-out awful this month.

Matt Moore

Matt Moore appeared to have hit his stride this season after struggling during the early part of the year, but unfortunately those struggles have comeback to haunt him here in September when the Rays least need it.

Moore has has made three starts this month and none of them have been good ones. He suffered the loss in all three, and compiled a 7.43 ERA.

His fastball velocity has been down lately, which is likely a big reason for the poor outings.

Jeff Keppinger

Jeff Keppinger has probably been the Rays’ most consistent hitter all season long. The .317/.361/.419 hitter has hit just .246 with a .220 wOBA and 0 extra-base hits in September.

He’s also seen his strikeout percentage rise to 8.5%.

Matt Joyce

The Rays depend on Matt Joyce to be one of the top bats in the middle of their lineup, and he has not lived up to that expectation recently.

In the last 30 days, Joyce has hit just .182/.289/.288 with just a single home run and eight RBI while posting a low wRC+ of 60. In those 76 plate appearances he’s hit just five extra-base hits—a huge reason why the Rays’ offense has been anemic as it is lately.

Luke Scott

It’s been a disappointing season the whole way through for DH Luke Scott. Lately he’s been especially bad though, having his worst month since his franchise record 0-41 skid back in July.

Scott has hit .182/.200/.341 with just one HR and four RBI in his last 45 PA. Any team with a DH who’s putting up those kind of numbers probably isn’t going to have such a great offense, and that’s been the case for the Rays this year.

Joel Peralta

The wheels have seemingly fell off Joel Peralta here late in the the season. The Rays’ set-up man is 0-2 in with a 5.79 ERA in the last 30 days, putting a big dent in a Tampa Bay bullpen that has been strong all year long.



  1. A.F.

    It has been a terrible month for the Rays and does not look like they are going to make it to the playoffs but we can hope for another miracle or just wait until next year.

  2. ICE

    I honestly thought that the Rays would be in the mix for a playoff spot. But I guess that’s the beauty of baseball, who expected the Baltimore Orioles to contend? For that matter, the Oakland A’s? After all the money my Angels spent in the off-season, one would think that we would be in a better position. I expect the Rays to compete next year, Joe always seems to put a good product on the field no matter the personnel.


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