David Price: Trades That the Rays Should Explore

A David Price trade is pretty much inevitable; the question is when and with which team.

The reigning Cy Young award-winner could leave Tampa as early as this summer if the Rays fall out of contention, but could possibly stick around for two or even three more years. My guess is that he’s dealt this offseason, but when GM Andrew Friedman decides to pull the trigger depends any many factors.

After mammoth contracts signed by other elite pitchers recently (Zack Greinke, Justin Verander and Felix Hernandez), the Rays clearly won’t be able to afford Price long-term, which is why it’s time for the Rays to search for potential trade suitors.

Here are a few potential trade packages that should be able to pry Price from Tampa Bay.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals definitely have the capability to acquire David Price with the extremely deep farm system that they have.

The question is whether the Red Birds will want to take a huge chunk out of their talented pool of prospects, giving up some depth that they might need in the future.

Their top prospect list is highlighted by phenoms Oscar Taveras and Shelby Miller, but the Cardinals might not need to trade away either of the two in order to get Price. Matt Adams—who’s had a terrific start to his MLB career this season as St. Louis’ first baseman—is one player who needs to be included in this deal.

Right-handers Carlos Martinez and Michael Wacha could also both be possibilities, as well as Triple-A second baseman Kolten Wong.

Here are two different Rays-Cardinals trades that I think would be fair:

Price to St. Louis in exchange for OF Oscar Taveras, 2B Kolten Wong and RHP Seth Blair or Price to St. Louis for Wong, 1B Matt Adams and RHP Michael Wacha.

Texas Rangers

The David Price for Jurickson Profar rumors have cooled down, but baseball’s No. 1 prospect could still be for sale, as the idea of him being swapped for Oscar Taveras has come up.

Rangers everyday shortstop Elvis Andrus also inked a massive eight-year extension recently.

Like St. Louis, Texas has a stacked organization that should be able to bring them a superstar even of Price’s caliber via trade. So even if they decide to hang on to Profar, they probably could still put together a deal.

Touted Triple-A slugging prospect Mike Olt has already been subject of many trade rumors this offseason. His high offensive potential is something that should be very appealing for the Rays.

Tampa’s also going to want a high-ceiling arm in the package. Southpaw Martin Perez, another top prospect whose name has come up in multiple trade rumors, is a good fit.

Catcher Jorge Alfaro is one prospect that should be essential for this deal, as the Rays could really use a talented backstop like him in an organization that seriously lacks it.

Again, here are two different trades that might work:

Price to Texas in exchange for SS Jurickson Profar, C Jorge Alfaro and RHP C.J. Edwards or Price to Texas for 3B Mike Olt, C Jorge Alfaro, LHP Martin Perez and OF Roland Guzman.

Chicago Cubs

Yet another organization loaded with minor league talent, the Cubs have a very impressive trio of top prospects to offer in shortstop Javier Baez, outfielder Albert Almora and outfielder Jorge Soler.

Right-handed pitching prospects Arodys Vizcaino, Dillon Maples and Pierce Johnson are all potential pieces to consider in a Price-to-Cubs trade.

First baseman Dan Vogelbach is another player the Rays would like to include in the package. He’s a good well-rounded hitter with great plate discipline and raw power.

Here’s a swap that I think the Rays would go for:

Price to the Cubs in exchange for SS Javier Baez, RHP Arodys Vizcaino, Dan Vogelbach and OF Jae-Hoon Ha.



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  2. LonerangerandTonto

    OMG, where do you guys come up with this stuff. Rangers fans would demand Jon Danials job if he gave up Profar and Alfaro in the same deal for anybody on this planet not named Stanton,Harper or Trout, not to mention throwing in CJ Edwards
    Alfaro is at this time not known to most casual Fans. But he has 80 grade power 80 grade arm and 65 grade hit tool from behind the plate. 20 yrs old with 8 hrs in 110 ab already in a ball, and developing very quickly
    That Sir is NOT happening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A fair trade from a Ranger prospective would be Profar straight up for Price, 6yrs of Profar is simply worth more than 2.5 years of Price
    Or Olt,Perez + Leury Garcia could be in play.
    Or Alfaro + Luke Jackson and Hanser Alberto. But somehow fans and beat writers seem to think that just because their team has a marketable player that they cam simply rape other teams minor league systems. When trades have to be fair for both sides or they aren’t going to happen.

    • mlblogsyossif

      First of all, why is Price’s value lower than Stanton’s? This is actually a big debate in baseball right now, but I definitely wouldn’t put Stanton in the same category as Trout and Harper.

      I admit that Jon Daniels would more than likely not accept the trade offer I proposed, but I think that the Rays would absolutely go after Alfaro in a potential deal.

  3. lonerangerandTonto

    1) . Much of Stanton”s value is based upon his age, I think he”s 23. And Price is 27. Both are premium talents. But there is 4 years difference in their ages.

    2 ) Stanton is under team control longer and at a much lower price, making his contract situation more atractive. And lowering Price”s at bit, with teams knowing he ultimately will be dealt before being allowed to ride off into the sunset.

    3 ) As strange as this may sound. There are more David Price”s than there Giancarlo Stantons on this earth. This is not meant to be disrespectful to David Price. Who in my opinion is one of the top 4 left handed starting pitchers in the game ( CC Sabathia,Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw ). Are the other 3. Matt Moore is right on his heels as well. But Stanton is an absolute animal, whom if you get him out of Miami and into Arlington would threaten the homerun record ( given health of coirse ) immediately. there are so few true middle of the order game changers left in MLB. And they rarely become available in trade, because who wants to give them up if you have one ? I think their actual value is in all honesty pretty close, but you can get good starting Pitching, maybe not David Price good, but the gap between the level under what Price offers in on field value, and the difference in the level under Stanton is staggering, that along with the age and contract/salary issues make Stanton more valuable.
    Hopefully you are not telling me that with all things considered, that you would rather have David Price on your Tampa roster rather than ( a healthy ) Giancarlo Stanton.

    As far as Stantons value as opposed to Harper and Trout are concerned, let’s be aware that opinions change with the wind in pro sports, what is percieved as being of great value today, may not be valued at all tomorrow, last year most people would have told you that Trout was a better player than Harper,this year we”re not so sure. But one thing I can tell you is that you can’t go wrong with either one, the same can be said for Stanton.
    Most 23 year olds are struggling with trying to adjust to AA change ups and curve balls, last year this guy destroyed national league pitching without the benefit of protection behind him in the batting order, no Pujols,no Trumbo, no Tori Hunter lirking in the on deck circle.
    As for your proposed trade, please do not be offended by my response, it was not meant to be, I actually like the concept comming from a Rays point of veiw. If I were Friedman I would certainly insist upon Alfaro being included in any deal for Price, however Daniels wouldn’t do both Profar and Alfaro in that deal, I would be looking more like. Alfaro + Sardinas + Luke Jackson if I were Friedman, I think that would probably get it done,
    thanks for your reply

  4. mlblogsyossif

    You’re definitely right about age and team control, which is what makes this an interesting topic. But Miguel Cabrera, Justin Upton, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Ryan Braun—that’s five big bats right there probably better than Stanton. However, for just 23, Stanton power gives him incredible value on the trade market, so I definitely understand where you’re coming from.

    For the Rays, Stanton would most likely be better for the roster, but on a team like the Rangers I think David Price might actually be a better fit. Can’t go wrong with either, though.

    As for lineup protection, I’m not a big believer in it in general. Numbers don’t really back up the theory and it doesn’t seem like much a factor. If Stanton is drawing a high number of walks on the Marlins because he’s pitched around, stats will credit him for contributing to offensive production.

    As for your trade proposal, I like it, and I think it could possibly work. It’s definitely an interesting offer.


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